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NETMAX is een in Nederland gevestigd bedrijf dat geavanceerde security oplossingen en producten biedt aan MSP's en ondernemingen. We beschermen tegen cybercriminaliteit en voldoen aan de wetten op het gebied van de beveiliging. Onze geavanceerde oplossingen zijn kostenbesparend, volledig uitgerust en eenvoudig in te stellen en te onderhouden.

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Series 10

Series 10 is the smallest version of our appliance and features an Intel Celeron G3930 2.9Ghz processor. This appliance is suitable for a small home office or small business office.

Series 30

Series 30 is the base rack-mounted server model for data centers and enterprises. Includes Intel i5-8400 2.8-4Ghz 6 Core processor. This appliance is suitable for a medium sized network with moderate network traffic.

Series 50

Series 50 is a fully redundant appliance with fail-over architecture, fast 2x Intel i7-8700 3.2-4.6Ghz, 6 Core processor, marks new 8th Gen CPU, up to 50% faster than 7th Gen and can handle up to 64GB of RAM. RAID level storage is also an option on this model.

Series 20

includes the New Intel 8th Gen i3-8100 3.6Ghz 4 core, up to 50 percent faster than the 7th Gen. This appliance is suitable for a small-to-medium sized branch office setting with a simple network architecture.

Series 40

Series 40 includes Intel's i7-8700 3.2-4.6Ghz, 6 Core processor. This appliance is suitable for a medium sized office with higher network traffic levels across a wider network architecture.

Series 60

Series 60 is ideal for high levels of data storage and fast processing too. It features 16 hot-swappable drives for RAID level storage protection. 2 Intel Xeon E5-2640v4 2.2Ghz 10 Cores. Includes 15 x GB LANs total.

Series 70

The Series 70 is an advanced Crystal Eye high-performance solutions with 3 different systems (Crystal Eye/Linux/Windows Server) in 1 based on the very latest Intel 8th generation i7 processor, up to 50% faster than 7th Generation. Custom configurations possible.

Series 80

The new Crystal Eye Series 80 is an advanced high-end Crystal eye security solution with high-performance dual Xeon E5-2697v4 CPU, 128Gb memory, x8 40Gb LAN ports, x4 10Gb LAN ports, x2 Gb LAN ports, for high-end security for telecoms or large IT needs. 

Series 200

Series 200 features customized rack-build outs up to 42U. With this series, we will help you configure your system based on careful network and needs-based analysis and present you with the ideal solution for now and your future network expansion.

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Series 100

Series 100 is a customizable blade server with 10x Intel 7th Generation i7-7700 3.6 GHz 4 Core processor. It sits in an 8U space and is built for large enterprises with multiple branch offices and a heavy network traffic usage that needs protection.